Registration Benefits

  • Extend your current warranty to two years
  • Confirm you have an original Cambo manufactured product
  • Sign up for Cambo product updates and news announcements

What Can I Register?

  • Cameras, Stands, Rigs, Cranes, Pedestals and many accessories
  • Camera Lenspanels. Does not include lens, shutters and third party accessories

Products purchased within the last 2 years can be registered using the online form below. Upon confirmation from Cambo, customers will receive registration documentation from Cambo.

About Cambo’s Extended Warranty

    • The extended warranty is applicable to products manufactured by Cambo. Extended warranty does not include the specific parts as manufactured by Copal, Rodenstock and Schneider or other third party products that are clearly named as such, which keep their original warranty period.
    • The extended warranty is excluded in cases of abuse, accidents and/or unauthorized repair by others.
    • The customer is liable for shipping to Cambo. Shipping can only happen after receiving a RMA authorization from Cambo.
    • The extended warranty does not include any loaner or free replacement of equipment.