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PCM and PCF – Cambo Precision Camera Tripod Heads

Building off the success of the PCH (Precision Control Head) launched in 2017, we are excited to announce the following two upcoming new members of the Cambo PC (Precision Control) tripod head family: The original Cambo PCH (Precision Control Gearhead) in action. The Cambo PCM tripod head combines the best parts of the PCH, in […]

Cambo Actus GFX 100 Header Image

AC-795 – Actus Bayonet Kit for Fujifilm GFX100

Following the official introduction of the Fujifilm GFX100 on May 23rd, 2019 Cambo is pleased to announce a dedicated interface for mounting, and supporting this new flagship camera in the GFX line of products. As a result of the different body design compared to the Fujifilm GFX50 series, the bayonet holder for the GFX100 will […]

Computer rendering of a new product featuring dual gears for more accurate control

AC-380/AC-381 – Cambo Actus Fine Gear Drive Upgrade

Shipping now, the AC-380 and AC-381 fine gear drives add yet another option for customers looking to get the most out of their existing Actus camera.  The new dual knob design allows for both standard and reduced gearing. Cambo Actus DB-II with AC-380 and AC-381 installed. This double gear knob kit for focus and tilt will […]

WRE-138 Lens Image

WRE-2138 & WRA-2138 – Lenspanels for WRS Cameras

The WRE-2138 and WRA-2138 Float Lens panels are lenses dedicated to the use with Digital Backs. Both feature a Rodenstock 6,5/138 HR-Float Digaron lens with Rodenstock eShutter-250 (or Rodenstock Aperture Only Mount in the case of the WRA-2138).This very special lens design is mounted in a helical focussing mount, which drives a floating element for […]

Workshop Roundup Blog Featured Image

Cambo Factory Tour 2019 – Event Roundup

Pim, and our team of adventurers ready to set out for a day of shooting. When we set out to create what would become the 2019 Cambo Factory tour late in 2018 we sat and tried to create an event that both was visually interesting as well as something that would be stimulating for a […]

The End of the Copal Shutter 1946-2019

The End of the Copal Shutter Era

In 2013 the announcement was made that no more Copal shutters were going to be produced, which was a shock to large format photographers worldwide. Over the last six years the stock of existing shutters has been at a high enough level that Photographers were still able to get their hands on these essential lens […]


Perspective Control – John Gregor

The following blog post first appeared on the Cold Snap Photography blog and is re-posted here with permission from the author John Gregor. Perspective Control In Camera Cambo Actus-Mini Perspective Control Camera What is perspective control? How can you achieve perspective control in your images? In this article I will discuss the concept of perspective control […]


Cambo USA at the DT East Coast Tour – 2019

Cambo USA is happy to be a part of the Digital Transitions East Coast Tour of the new Phase One IQ4 digital back. We will be bringing a complete Actus-DB II and WRS-1600 setup with lenses and accessories for display and demonstration purposes. So please come by and see them for yourself , while testing […]


Private Cambo Factory Tour & Workshop – 2019.

 A Tour of a Lifetime Join Cambo In the Netherlands Do you love your Cambo gear as much as we do? Ever wonder what kind of care and craftsmanship goes into the making of your favorite camera? Is there a Cambo camera you have had your eye on but just haven’t had the chance to […]

Cambo Actus B with Canon EOS-R

AC-782 – Canon EOS-R Bayonet for Cambo Actus

It was only a matter of time. First was the Fuji GFX, then came the Hasselblad X1D, The Leica SL and Nikon Z was soon to follow, and now even the new Canon EOS R can be a part of the Actus family. Because of the smaller bayonet size of the Canon EOS-R it is […]


The View Camera Movement: Educational Video Series

In 2016 during the Society of Photographic Education conference we had the opportunity to sit in on a round table where the topic was “How can manufacturers help support and educate the next generation of Photographers?” The topic of teaching aids and videos quickly came up, and it was then were the gears started turning […]

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AC-784: Nikon Z Bayonet for Actus G

This AC-784 Bayonet Holder is an optional accessory for the ACTUS-G series and allows the mounting of a Nikon Z-mount Mirrorless Camera Body to the interchangeable top part of the rear standard of the ACTUS-G View camera base. Announced earlier this year, the Nikon Z series of cameras opens up some very interesting options for Actus users. With its […]


ACDB-987 – Tilting SLW Adapter (for Actus G)

The ACDB-987 is an interchangeable insert that fits on to Actus-G Camera System. It allows uses to replace the bayonet holders AC-792, AC-793 and AC-78E and offers the possibility to use a digital back on the Actus-G series. Cambo ACDB-987 Tilt Adaptor with a Phase One IQ3 Back on an Actus G The ACDB-987 also […]


WRS-HV – WRS Lenspanel for Hasselblad V Lenses

Coming later this month, the WRS-HV lens plate allows you to mount lenses from the Hasselblad-500 series, in combination with the WRS series camera. This combination will work with those digital backs that have an electronic shutter option, which works as a shutterless digital back, such as the PhaseOne IQ3-100 and the new IQ-4 series. […]


Upcoming Cambo USA Appearances

Will you be attending Photokina or Photo Plus Expo this year?  We invite you to stop by and see the latest product releases and get your hands on some of the best designed and manufactured camera equipment in the world! Cambo will be showing the full range of Tech cameras, Wide RS and the updated ACTUS […]


AC-791 – Leica SL Bayonet Adapter (For Actus-G)

Great news for Leica SL users! The Actus-G will soon feature a compatible bayonet option. SL users can now take advantage of the tilts, shifts, and swings that Actus users have been enjoying since the launch.   Coming this September, the AC-791 Bayonet Holder, is an optional accessory for the ACTUS-G series and allows the […]


WRS-334 – Multifunction Camera Base

Since the introduction of the WRS-1600 all of the Cambo camera systems now either have a standard ARCA compatible rail or foot (or have access to the correct foot accessories). So we felt it was time to update our popular WRS camera base to accept a wider range of camera options. The WRS-334 is a multifunctional […]


Cambo Actus Rear & Base Tilt Adaptors

Cambo is expanding the ACTUS series with an optional BASE TILT Function. Often our more experienced view camera users ask how to get the most movements out of the Actus system. Previously we would have recommended the Actus XL for those who needed more control, but that option resulted in a much larger camera system. […]


Actus Lens Compatibility Chart

Frequently here at the Cambo USA office we get asked questions that go something like this: “I’m considering buying an Actus, and I don’t know what lenses to look for. What can you recommend?” For anyone who has used an Actus (or have spoken with us at length) know that this is a very loaded […]


Cambo Products Now Available at Midwest Photo

    We’ve just added Midwest Photo to our Dealer network! Your favorite Cambo products are now available for order and purchase whenever you are! Please reach out to your sales contact for more information, or to be paired with a salesperson please contact Cambo USA at Columbus 2887 Silver Drive Columbus, OH […]