Cambo Introduces 2 New Lenses

Cambo WRE-2019 The optical part probably looks familiar enough. Cambo has taken the highly acclaimed Nikkor PC 4.0/19 and made it available for use on Cambo WRS and Phase One XT cameras. The lens has been rehoused and fitted with a controller for the electronic aperture. The image circle is large enough to cover the […]

Cambo RPS-201 Smart Controller

Introducing the Smart Controller

Just a touchscreen. Nothing to shout about. However, this one connects to our RPS copy stand and does add a nifty feature. It enables the operator to store height settings and when you’re in the digitizing / archival industry that may seriously enhance your workflows efficiency. Cambo RPS-201 Smart Controller The Cambo RPS motorized copy […]

Stepping Up

Pierre Planté – St Tropez (F) EeStairs BV / October 2021 An article in one of the larger Dutch papers a few weeks ago: “World’s most expensive stairway in French villa built in The Netherlands.” An article like that is useless without pictures and the accompanying photographs do justice to the builder’s craftsmanship and quality […]

Cambo Actus-MV Base View Camera


Introducing the Actus-MV The MV stands for Maximum Versatility and that’s exactly what this new camera from Cambo offers. The new Actus-MV is a Fully Adjustable View Camera that is still compact enough to be your companion in the field. It’s compatible with Digital Backs, Mirrorless Camera bodies and DSLRs. No matter how the photography industry develops, the Actus-MV will be ready to evolve alongside the […]


Great Flavors & Wonderful Scenery

With 14 book publications behind his name and over three decades of experience as a chef, Heinz von Holzen is an authority on Indonesian food and a professional photographer who uses the Cambo ACTUS and WRS System to photograph his work.

Installing the WRX-1003 Tripod Mounting Block on the XT Camera

WRX-1003 The WRX-1003 is an ARCA compatible Tripod Mounting Block for the Phase One XT Camera. This adapter allows you to mount the Compendium from the bottom of the XT Camera. Before the introduction of this adapter you would have to remove the metal panel on the side of the camera to mount a compendium […]

WRX-1001 Coldshoe Corner Piece for the XT Camera

The WRX-1001 is a dedicated adapter for the Phase One XT camera body. This adds an Accessory Shoe to the corner of the XT body. It replaces the original corner piece and mounts easily with 1 (hidden) screw. Below is a short instructional video that explains the installation.

AC-324 Lens Shade Available for Rodenstock Lenses

AC-324 The AC-324 is the dedicated Actar-24 lens shade. It’s 90mm fitting makes it also suitable for use on Rodenstock Digaron-32 lenses. Cambo just recently introduced step-down rings from 90 to 75, 70 and 60mm. The AC-324 is not only a light weight compendium alternative for various Rodenstock Digaron lenses it can also be used […]

Matthias Conrad: Cambo Actus in the Wild

How did you first fall in love with photography? Nature and landscapes have always played a big role in my life. I was born in the mid-1970s in a small town in Thuringia, on the edge of Hainich National Park, right in the middle of Germany, where I grew up very close to nature. Trips […]

Cambo’s New Products for 2020

Here’s a quick look at the new products Cambo introduced in 2020. X-Shutter The X-Shutter is an electronic leaf shutter that can replace the traditional #0 copal shutter on several Schneider and Rodenstock lenses. The X-Shutter is only controlled by Phase One’s IQ4 infinity platform. Some of your existing lens panels with a Rodenstock or […]