Cambo is pleased to announce the availability of the X-Shutter system for new or existing Schneider and Rodenstock Lenses.

The X-Shutter is an electronic leaf shutter that can ONLY be controlled by Phase One’s IQ4 Infinity Platform. The S-Shutter was previously only available with lenses sold for the Phase One XT body, but now Cambo has teamed up with Phase One to expand the X-Shutter capabilities by remounting it to a number of additional lenses from Rodenstock and Schneider Kreuznach.

New Lenses with X-Shutter

New Rodenstock lenses with the X-Shutter will be available through your Authorized Cambo USA Dealer. And for the first time ever you will be able to order lenses with the X-Shutter for use with view cameras that utilize flat or recessed lensboards.

Tilt Swing Availability

Cambo will be able to mount any of the following lenses on WRS Tilt/Swing panels. This will now allow XT customers to achieve the movements and focal plane control that they have been missing since the announcement of the XT. Here is a list of the lenses that can now be ordered new or be retrofitted into Tilt/Swing panels:

Fully integrated XT lenses are only available as a new Phase One product. All lenses will be compatible with the Phase One XT system, but they will lose the transfer of metadata and would connect with the IQ4 via the cable.

Contact your Authorized Cambo Dealer for more information and pricing.