Today we’re shooting with the Cambo ACTUS and Blackmagic Cinema camera at Kitplus, MediaCityUK.

The setup consists of the Actus Camera platform, Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Schneider 100mm lens. We also showed the Sony A7R with Canon Lens mount – more will follow soon about this new lens mount.


Sean Cheung from CAPSLOCK Ltd spent the day with us demonstrating the  Actus with the Blackmagic Cinema camera. He showed how easy it is to adjust the swing/tilt/rise/fall of the Actus, to produce selective focus images.


Charles: After using the Actus for capturing stills and stitching images, what do you think about using the camera platform for video?

Sean: The Cambo Actus is amazing, I can use all of my lenses with the Blackmagic or Canon 5DMkIII.  I have a wide range of lenses and by changing the front lens plate I can use my Schneider, Canon or Nikon lenses – this is true flexibility.




We spent the day at MediaCityUK introducing videographers to the Actus and the most popular word of the day was “Wow!”