The Actus series of cameras is a modular unit that allows for an almost unlimited potential for customization. The standard Actus configuration comes included with a 150mm monorail (175mm for Actus DB/Actus GFX), but has the ability to be used with extended rails for longer focal length lenses or for macro purposes.

The AC-330 monorail extends to 300mm of length and allows for 1:1 focus with a 120mm macro lens. The AC-345 extends to 450mm which is good for 1:1 with 180mm lenses.

You Will Need:

A Cambo Actus.
(Mini, DB-2, or GFX).
Extended Monorail.
(AC-330 or AC-345).
1.5mm Allen Hex Key.
(included with every Actus model)
T6 Torx Screwdriver.
Actus Extended Bellows.
(If full length of extended monorail is to be used)

Step by Step:

1) With the rear bayonet facing you, begin by loosening both silver tension screws on lower left and right of the Body.

2) Use the focus knob to move the rear standard into the farthest back position (60mm)

3) Extend the rear standard until the silver set screw appears in the guide hole

4) Remove this screw and retain it for re-assembly. The rear standard can now be freely removed.

5) Turn the body over to reveal four T6 screws. Remove those screws and retain for re-assembly. Please note if you have an Actus-DB or Actus GFX the front standard is comprised of two pieces. Both pieces will need to be re-installed in order to complete the swap.

6) Re-assemble your Actus by following the same steps in reverse with the longer monorail of your choice.


And there you have it. Customizing your Actus camera for your needs is incredibly simple and something anyone can do.

For any additional questions or to purchase Actus cameras or accessories please contact your closest Cambo dealer at