Cambo invites you to visit us at the Society for Photographic Education 2017 SPE National Conference March 9th-12th, 2017 in Orlando Florida.

Cambo will show MBX series of stands released last year, the new lineup of Actar lenses, as well as, the entire range of Actus cameras, including the new specially designed for the needs of educators, Actus EDU.

MBX Stand.
The new classed Mid-range studio stand will suit many photographers shooting with medium format camera systems. It is placed between the entry level Monostand and the heavier duty UST/UBS stand series.

The MBX stand combines several advantages of the various Cambo stands, such as a ball bearing movement for effortless vertical adjustment as well as rotation of the crossarm independently of vertical adjustments, all in a lighter, easier to assemble format.

Actus EDU. 

The Actus EDU features an interchangeable bayonet holder for various system cameras. The top part holding the camera mount can easily be replaced. A locking lever secures it firmly in place.

Having the ability of rapidly changing this AC-78E holder makes it possible to always have a fitting solution within seconds when students bring their own camera bodies.

Actar Lenses.

A lens system dedicated to the Cambo Actus for use in combination with a mirrorless camera, mounted to the Actus. This lens is permanently attached to an Actus lens panel, with manual aperture control. No electronic connections are needed.

Come by booths 43-44 to see everything for yourself.   screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-2-21-40-pm