The HV-GFX and HV-XCD are the first in a line of traditional adapters allowing for  legacy lenses to be used on mirrorless medium format bodies with electronic shutter capabilities. These lens adapters allow for the mounting of Hasselblad-C lenses in combination with the Fujifilm GFX or Hasselblad X1D camera bodies.

The renderings below are design prototypes and may not reflect the final fit and finish of the HV-GFX/HV-XCD:

Technical Details:
Total Height: 90mm
Total Width: 120mm
Weight: 295 grams


As there are no electronic connections between the lens and camera body, focus and aperture must be controlled manually on the lens itself and no metadata will be transmitted.

In the case of the X1D, without a mechanical shutter, there are limitations in use with certain light sources, exposure times and subjects. We refer to Hasselblad for additional information about their electronic shutter.

Pricing, Availability, and Shipping information will be available soon. For more information please contact Cambo USA or your local Cambo dealer.