The ACDB-987 is an interchangeable insert that fits on to Actus-G Camera System. It allows uses to replace the bayonet holders AC-792, AC-793 and AC-78E and offers the possibility to use a digital back on the Actus-G series.

Cambo ACDB-987 Tilt Adaptor with a Phase One IQ3 Back on an Actus G

The ACDB-987 also adds an extra 12º tilt function (+6/-6 degrees) close to optical center of sensor. You only have to add the appropriate fitting bellows and a SLW-adapter for your digital back.

ACDB-987 showing Actus-G connector Pins

The ACDB-987 makes it even easier to switch from shooting with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera body to shooting with your digital back, while adding additional movements that you come to expect from a larger view camera, while not adding much additional size to the Actus you already know and love.

This adapter is compatible with:


In order to have a complete, solution users will need to add one of the below SLW-adapters:

SLW-80 for Hasselblad-V compatible digiback
SLW-89 for Hasselblad-H compatible digiback
SLW-83 for PhaseOne XF compatible digiback
SLW-84 for Sinar 30|45 compatible digiback
SLW-81 for Leaf AFi/Hy6 compatible digiback
WRS-1068 for Mamiya RB roll film back

And additionally need a set of the below bellows for Digital Backs:

ACDB-250 as normal bellows
ACDB-252 as wide-angle bellows
ACDB-254 as long extension bellows (on AC-330 monorail)
ACDB-256 as macro extension bellows (on AC-345 monorail)

The ACDB-987 will be shipping soon from the Cambo USA Dealer of your choice, and will be on display at Photokina 2018 and Photo Plus Expo 2018.