Cambo announces the new WRE-CA lens adaptor is now available. This new adaptor enables photographers to attach Canon EF lenses to the pancake style Wide RS system when using a digital back with a rolling shutter, such as the Phase one IQ3-100.


This lensplate allows you to mount lenses fitted with a Canon Eos bayonet, in combination with the WRS series camera.

The operation of the unit is similar to the working of the powered ACB-CA lens plate for the Actus. The used focal length and the current aperture are displayed on a OLED screen on the lensplate.


Photographers that already own a Canon wide angle lens such as the 17mm TSE will benefit when using the lens adaptor as the image circle is large enough to cover the 40x54mm sensor area. Check first with your local dealer regarding lens image circles.

Normally when a Canon auto iris lens is removed from a DSLR camera body the lens aperture remains wide open. The WRE-CA communicates with the lens and enables the user to adjust the aperture, giving you full control.

Dial in the maximum (wide open) aperture to focus, then select the desired aperture for the shot. You then have the option of stopping the lens down to check depth of field. When the aperture is dialled in it will be displayed in the window after the focal length of the lens. The communication is accurate, such that the display will also show the focal length of zoom lenses.


Contact your local Cambo dealer to order today, or for more information.