Heres a quick tip for all of our Actus users. Recently we received an email asking for us to perform a “science experiment”.

One of our users wanted to take his Actus hiking while carrying the least amount of gear possible. He also wanted to use longer focal length lenses without the need to change monorails in the field.

He asked whether or not the rear standard of his Actus-DB2 would support the use of the macro adapters designed for our WRS line of cameras. After some experimentation and many calls back to Cambo HQ in The Netherlands, I was reminded of a more elegant (and often overlooked) solution.


The front standard of the Actus is designed in such a way where it can be rotated 180º and a standard Actus lens board can be re-mounted. The magnetic bellows even still connect and effortlessly lock into place.

This allows for the standard 175mm monorail of the Actus DB-2 (150mm of the Actus Mini) to effectively be extended by 45mm. The photo above is taken from the Actus manual itself, and even though it shows the Actus-Mini, you get the same movements on the Actus DB2 as well.

All you need is the right length of bellows and you are back in action with as little extra equipment as possible!