We’re happy to announce another lens option for the Cambo Actus.

A special order Carl Zeiss Contax Distagon-35 refitted for use on our view cameras.

The skilled technicians at Cambo carefully remove the helical focussing mount and replace the aperture control with a manual, 15 bladed, version.

This beautiful lens works perfectly paired with both mirrorless medium format cameras and DSLRs. Even with Nikon (Nikon has the longest Flange Focal distance), thanks to the new barrel without helical.

The below test shot was made with an Actus-GFX. 5mm of fall, combined with horizontal shift to enable a stitched image.



But why? The R&D team at Cambo have this to say:

“Rebuilding a Contax 645’s 35mm into a new housing, getting rid of the helical and replacing the aperture may seem like putting a lot of effort in something you could achieve a lot easier. By i.e. mounting the lens to a Contax to Canon adapter. One reason to do it the ‘hard way’ was obviously the broader range of cameras for which the lens becomes suitable after this operation. Another is making better use of the lens’ image circle.”

They continue with:

“Stacking the lens to an adapter causes serious vignetting when shifting the rear standard of the Actus. This is caused by the relatively narrow Canon bayonet (although the biggest bayonet for 35mm cameras)”.

“The side-by-sides shown here (Above) are made with a Phase One back (using its ES shutter). In its Actar-35 incarnation the Distagon covers the complete sensor and still enables a fair bit of shift. Used via an adapter, it just covers the sensor and a minimum amount of shift will vignette.”

Due to the special conversion requirements of needing a donor lens, this service will need to be arranged with your Cambo dealer of choice. A list of dealers can be found at Cambousa.com/dealers and we at Cambo USA would be happy to provide more information or to begin the conversion process.