Introducing the ACXL-985 Bracket system for the Cognisys StackShot system.


Cambo has enabled the use of the Cognisys StackShot on the Ultima and Actus-XL view cameras.

This kit includes the needed bracket and gearing to connect to your Cambo view camera.

By applying tilt and/or swing to the front standard the amount of shots needed to obtain the optimum result can be reduced significantly. Stacking is done by moving the rear standard in small increments

The ACXL-985 Available now. Please contact your nearest Cambo dealer at for more information. For more information on the Cognisys StackShot, please contact them directly for more information.

Please note this configuration is for Cambo Ultima or Actus XL cameras, this bracket solution will not work on other manufacturer’s camera systems.