The Actus GFX announced earlier this year is a portable solution with geared shifts designed with the GFX user in mind.  For those of you who prefer a full-size view camera for in studio use Cambo is happy to announce that the Actus-XL is now available with GFX bayonet.

ACXL-366 is the conversion kit from Ultima to Actus-XL/GFX. It is the same as the upgrade from Ultima to Actus-XL35, but with a dedicated GFX bayonet holder.

This is the upgrade for existing Ultima owners. It gives them the possibility to add Actus versatility to their Ultima cameras. The main advantage is the way the body flips from horizontal to portrait around the bayonet. 


Now the Actus XL can join the rest of the Actus family with compatibility with standard DSLR/Mirrorless cameras, digital backs, and now mirrorless medium format options.

Pricing and availability coming soon.