Cambo is pleased to introduce the ACTUS-GFX for use of the Fujifilm GFX 50s medium format camera body in combination with the ACTUS view camera series.

The mirrorless design of this Fujifilm body offers great opportunities for perspective control and depth of field adjustments with its medium format sensor of 33x44mm.

Next to Cambo’s Actar series of lenses (24, 60, 80, 90 and 120) you can also use several other medium format lenses from Hasselblad, Mamiya and Pentax. Also selected digital lenses from Rodenstock and Schneider can be added to the possibilities.

This ACTUS-GFX version features the same movements as the other Actus-Mini versions, geared tilts and swings on the front standard, fine focussing, rise and fall and side shift on the rear standard.All shifts on the rear standard are geared for precision movements.

The bayonet includes Cambo’s convenient on-axis flip from landscape to portrait position. Although the bayonet has a larger diameter, the design still makes it possible to use the same bellows (wide angle to macro) as the Actus-Mini versions.

I had an opportunity this last week to see the completed prototype, and the initial run being assembled!

The ACTUS-GFX features a removable bayonet holder that hosts the larger Fujifilm bayonet. This ability makes this new version backwards compatible for use with other bayonets for mirrorless and DSLR bodies.

A simple but effective handle locks the bayonet holder firmly in place.

Another advantage of this system is a quick and easy change in case the studio has multiple camera systems in use.


Cambo’s ACTUS-GFX can be ordered as of March 1st, 2017.

ACTUS-GFX specifications;

  • Size L / W / H: 152 x 115 x 171 mm
  • Weight: 1150 grams
  • Front Swing: 360 degrees
  • Front Tilt: 19 degrees (+10/-9)
  • Rear Shift Vertical: 27mm (12/15)
  • Rear Shift Horizontal: 40mm (20/20)
  • Focus Travel: up to 134mm (to GFX-sensor)

Lens plates options:

  • Copal 0
  • Copal 1 (#3 on request)
  • Hasselblad C Bayonet
  • M39 Leica thread
  • Mamiya 645 ProTL bayonet
  • Mamiya RZ/RB bayonet
  • Pentax 645 bayonet (for mirror less bodies only)

The ACTUS-GFX includes front and rear standards, monorail, bellows, bayonet holder with Fujifilm GFX bayonet. The advised enduser price is $2795,– excl. shipping and local taxes.

The upgrade kit ACB-980 is $1345.

Contact your local Cambo Dealer for more information!