The new SLW-84 interface plate enables the use of Sinar’s latest digital back S30/45 on Cambo cameras.

Cambo’s SLW-adapters allow the use of various digital backs on the Cambo platform of the WRS-series, the ACTUS-DB and -XL, as well as the CSL-sliding back series.



The SLW-84 interface is mounted with 3 screws to the Sinar back, which is supplied with an open interface for various adapters.
Due to the layout of the Sinar back it is by default mounted in landscape orientation, although the SLW-84 can be mounted to the Cambo system in any orientation. The use of the Cambo WRS-1600 makes it possible in the easiest way to rotate between landscape and portrait position without releasing the back mount.

Price and availability coming soon.