Now that Hasselblad has released a new firmware for their X1d camera, that allows the use of the built-in electronic shutter, we at Cambo are pleased to introduce new products that support the Hasselblad X1d body.

As a further development of the ACTUS-G product line for medium format mirrorless cameras, Cambo is now introducing the ACTUS-XCD to host the Hasselblad X1D camera body. 

The ACTUS-G system was already available as ACTUS-GFX for the Fujifilm GFX series, now the bayonet holder can be supplied with the XCD bayonet from Hasselblad. The bayonet holder is interchangeable and include Cambo’s convenient internal rotation between landscape and portrait position.

The below photo is of a working prototype unit, and does not indicate the final build/finish of these units. 

The ACTUS-XCD is available for pre-order now, and will ship later in September 2017.  For pricing and ordering information please contact your closest Cambo dealer. A list of dealers are available at