Cambo is introducing the new MBX Studio stand. This new addition fills the gap between the entry level Monostand and the larger UST/UBS stand series. The MBX stand combines several advantages of the various Cambo stands, such as a ball bearing movement for effortless vertical adjustment as well as rotation of the crossarm independently of vertical adjustments, like the Cambo UBS stand. Next to that there is a precision geared lateral movement of the crossarm. Compared to the Monostand – the crossarm now is 100cm long, which is enough to comfortably support a laptop tray on the crossarm and better positioning of the camera aside of the base for vertical shooting. The iron casted base is an improved version of the heavy Monostand base, with added weight for even more stability. Optionally it will also be possible to mount the UST’s single action base UCB by means of an adapter.

Cambo mbx

The counterweight is optimized for an average set of one medium format camera with a selection of accessories, mounted on a firm tripod head. In addition, the counterweight is easily adjustable when more load on the arm is applied, such as a laptop tray with computer.

The crossarm comes with one 3/8” camera platform, and more of these can be mounted. Also introduced is an a new optional adapter that allows to mount UST accessories to the end of the crossarm. The MBX stand is available in two lengths, being 2,1 meter (7’) and 2,7 meter (9’) from floor to top. Customized lengths are available on request.

Cambo mbxcrossarm

Available height including base: MBX-1 210 cm / MBX-2 270 cm
Overall weight including base: MBX-1 60 kg / MBX-2 62 kg
Crossarm total length: MBX-1 100 cm / MBX-2 100 cm
Max. position off column center: MBX-1 80 cm / MBX-2 80 cm
Diameter foot print base: MBX-1 90 cm / MBX-2 90 cm
Rotation cross arm: unlimited over 360o
Diameter vertical column: 85 mm
Counterweighted load capacity: 5 kg adjustable with increments of 1 kg

MBX-0 Base: 99131700
MBX-1 Column: 99131701 (includes crossarm with 3/8” mount)
MBX-2 Column: 99131702 (includes crossarm with 3/8” mount)
MBX-7 Weight: 99131707 (additional counterweight per 1 kg)