There are many useful accessories manufactured by Cambo. A recent introduction to the product range is the QR-6 Quick Release Set.

On my travels I have spoken to photographers that have purchased 3rd party Arca Swiss compatible products. However when receiving them, they have found that the plate is too wide so cannot be tightened or too narrow so the camera mount cannot be inserted.

Cambo QR-6Ls

I was pretty surprised to hear this and witnessed a few well known products that had this problem. Let’s hope they have corrected these issues. The QR-6 is a true fit, engineered and measured precisely to give you reliable functionality for many years to come.

When Cambo introduced the Actus it was designed with a camera rail to be used with an Arca Swiss tripod head. At the same time, a new ball head was introduced the CBH-6 which has a quick release head. The quick release plate is used for your camera and when removed the Actus rail fits into the Arca Swiss jaw and holds the camera rail firmly in place.

Cambo CBH-6

This type of fitting has proven to be very popular with professional photographers. Cambo then decided to introduce the QR-6 quick release unit, for 2 reasons.

The first was to give an option to add the Arca QR fitting to a tripod that didn’t have it. The second was so that when you shoot on a copy stand the QR-6 fits directly to the camera platform. You don’t really want to use a ball and socket head on a copy stand as it can be very difficult to align the sensor parallel to the copy board surface.

Cambo QR-7Rs

The QR-6 has a 3/8th thread to fit to your tripod and a 1/4inch camera thread in the release plate. Measuring 55mm(w) x 60mm(l) x 26mm(h).

A spare top plate is available QR-7 if you have several cameras that require quick change over.