Because of the innovation of mirrorless cameras the modern view camera has more opportunities to thrive than ever before. Using the Nikon Z series as an example, because of the change in design the flange focal distance–

( flange focal distance (FFD), is the distance from the mounting flange (the metal ring on the camera and the rear of the lens) to the film plane. This value is different for different camera systems. The range of this distance, which will render an image clearly in focus within all focal lengths)

 –was reduced by 30mm which means that more lens options become viable as they no longer are limited to focusing at a much farther point on the sensor plane. Let’s compare this to some other modern flange distances:

If you have ever written us an email asking for help choosing lenses you may have been sent the below PDF “Cheat Sheet” that describes the most commonly available lenses today, and how well they play nicely with various modern camera systems