Building off the success of the PCH (Precision Control Head) launched in 2017, we are excited to announce the following two upcoming new members of the Cambo PC (Precision Control) tripod head family:

A Cambo WRS-1600 Camera mounted onto a Cambo PCH Precision Controlled Gearhead.
The original Cambo PCH (Precision Control Gearhead) in action.

The Cambo PCM tripod head combines the best parts of the PCH, in a more affordable “entry level” head, that has features far past it’s class.

The PCM (Precision Control Manual) is an entry level version of the PCH head which removes the internal gearing system while maintaining a sturdy and easy to position camera support body. 

If you want the ultimate in control the Cambo PCF provides a fully geared experience across the board.

The PCF (Precision Control Full) builds on the existing PCH geared body, but adds additional geared controls to the 360º rotating platform on the top of the unit. 

The whole Cambo Precision Control Family:

The new PC heads will launch alongside a newly offered QR-8 quick release plate with a 3/8″ screw (vs the standard QR-7 plate with 1/4″ screw). Both plates are based on the Arca standard and are interchangeable depending on your camera mount type.

A Cambo QR-7 Quick Release tripod plate with 1/4" camera stud.
Cambo QR-7 Quick Release Plate

Available for order today from any of our Cambo USA dealer locations.