In 2016 during the Society of Photographic Education conference we had the opportunity to sit in on a round table where the topic was

“How can manufacturers help support and educate the next generation of Photographers?”

The topic of teaching aids and videos quickly came up, and it was then were the gears started turning for how Cambo could help. In partnership with Dutch Photographer and Filmmaker, Gerhard Witteveen , The View Camera Movement was started.

The View Camera Movement – Introduction from Cambo on Vimeo.

The View Camera Moment is a five video series that walks through why view cameras were and still are an important part of Architectural, Landscape, and Product Photography. 

Each video in the series is designed to quickly cover a specific topic, and contain both interesting demonstrations and compelling visuals. 

These videos are offered free for educational usage and can be accessed by visiting the Cambo USA EDU Portal

Students and educators can also join The View Camera Movement Facebook group for additional instruction and discussion. 

What videos would you like to see more of in the future? Let us know in the comments below!