Great news for Leica SL users! The Actus-G will soon feature a compatible bayonet option. SL users can now take advantage of the tilts, shifts, and swings that Actus users have been enjoying since the launch.


Coming this September, the AC-791 Bayonet Holder, is an optional accessory for the ACTUS-G series and allows the mounting of a LEICA SL mirrorless camera body to the interchangeable top part of the rear standard of the ACTUS-G base.

This adapter includes a built-in rotation between landscape and portrait position.

This bayonet holder with the LEICA SL bayonet can be replaced with the AC-78E holder and the AC-792 for Fujifilm GFX or AC-793 for Hasselblad X1D.
Contact your Cambo dealer of choice for more information.