Since the introduction of the WRS-1600 all of the Cambo camera systems now either have a standard ARCA compatible rail or foot (or have access to the correct foot accessories). So we felt it was time to update our popular WRS camera base to accept a wider range of camera options. The WRS-334 is a multifunctional Camera Base for the Cambo Wide RS Camera body.
  • Fine-tuned leveling over 3 knobs within 5 degrees in any direction
  • 360 degrees panning of the camera with zero-position click
  • Full 360 degree scale for indication of panoramic settings
  • Adjustable stops for 2, 12 or 16 clicks per rotation
  • Arca compatible mount makes it a fitting product for every camera on an ARCA compatible plate.
  • Includes a camera plate with 1/4″ mount
This Base is compatible with the ARCA dovetail base-mount of the Wide RS camera body and has a 3/8″ tripod mount.
The WRS-334 will fit directly to:
  • WRS-1600
  • WRS-7250
  • WRS-1200 with ARCA plate
  • WRC-400  with ARCA plate
  • WRS-1250 with ARCA plate
  • WRS-5000 with ARCA plate
  • WRS-5005 with ARCA plate
  • Any camera mounted on an ARCA plate